Lynn Farrington

Trainer for Infants/Juniors and Good Citizen Classes


Has been teaching people and their dogs for sometime now, how long she won’t tell, but a long while.


Specializes in behaviour, but really just enjoys watching dogs learn. With a firm beiief that training should be fun for both ends of the lead.


Known locally as ‘THE DOG LADY’

Doubtless something to do with the 7 dogs, yes 7, that she owns. 1 Border Collie – Woody, 4 Aussies - Mac, Diesel, Taff and Pye. Then there is Monty the Mongrel – very handsome and last but not least Zuma the Cardigan Corgi


Lynn, enjoys working her dogs in competitive obedience and is now training Diesel to take over from Polo in Heelwork to Music.


Lynn n Monty2