Annie - Obituary

My first meeting with the delightful Annie was at a club match against Newmarket I believe.


We had all had our go in the lower classes and Chris took to the floor with Annie, I was mesmorised from the start of her round to the end of it.


I had never seen a dog so happy in what she was doing as her, she was so motivated, so accurate, and I wanted all my dogs to be like that when we competed.


Annie was my inspiration, my motivation and developed my passion for the sport of obedience.


As a 'person' she was absolutely delightful to be around and always so happy, and this personality stayed with her into old age  where she still wanted to be a part of whatever was going on.


Bless her well into her dotage a doggie Christmas party she even paired up with my Diesel and did some heelwork to music.


I know that Chris enjoyed working her and living with her and that she will be deeply missed by Chris, Carolyn and Roy.


The picture I will always have in mind is that day at the match.


I hope that Chris and her family will have their own happy memories from which they can draw on to help them through this very sad time.


The thoughts of everyone at MollieWood are with you at this time.


Lynn, Maxine, Ginni, James and Morag.

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Annie - 04/09/21997 - 01/08/2011