There is a selection of good toys for sale at the local pet shops, but if you have a large strong dog it is worth a bit of research before you buy  as some toys are quite expensive and not necessarily always up to the job.

Sometimes and old pair of socks (washed) and knotted together will do the same job at a fraction of the price and can be easily washed when they become to dirty to play with anymore.



The best sort of toy to use with your dog in class is one that both you and your dog can play with at the same time - So a good strong toy that you can tug on together is recommended.



Tennis Ball - Rolling a tennis ball in class will get all the dogs chasing it especially the Border Collies and other herding dogs.

Squeaky Toy - will wind everyone up especially the terriers in the group



We also have a selection of toys available to purchase and for ideas on treats then please see our recipe page